About Susan

I am a Texas born and Texas raised patriotic American. I have lived in Austin for 57 years and I love my City, County and State.  It has been heartbreaking to see Austin deteriorate into what it is today – a liberal-run, degeneracy-embracing progressive hell hole. I used to be proud to say I was from Austin, now I wince a little.

I was born in Houston and have lived in Austin since I was 2 years old. I grew up on Shoal Creek when it was a dirt road with open fields, and I remember playing with horny toads in those fields.  I remember eating at the Tumbleweed Steak House at the top of the 2222 hill.

I went to Lucy Read Elementary back when it was safe to walk to school.  I went to Anderson High School and played French horn in the band. My first job was at the Richard Jennings gift shop, wrapping gifts.

My grandparents lived through the depression, moving across the country to find work, then settling back in Texas where my grandfather worked for Bell Telephone until he retired on Lake Buchannan. My father is a retired dentist. He let me work at his office while I was in nursing school.

I have two children and one grandson, two dogs and a husband (not in that order of importance )

I love working in my yard and I love all the little outdoor creatures, especially the birds. Hubby keeps calculating how much I am spending on bird food, but doesn’t really begrudge me the pleasure. For a while we were putting dog food out on the front porch and having a blast watching all the possums, coon, foxes and skunks come eat at night, all together at the same time, but that got pretty messy.

My favorite food is chicken fried steak and gravy with mashed potatoes, and I am blessed with a husband who is an exceptional cook and can make those for me from scratch, gluten free.

I have been a Christian all my life – I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t a Christian. I was raised in a Christian home and went to Hyde Park Baptist church, where I was baptized, until my teens, when our family began going to Berachah Church, a bible teaching church, where my father is a deacon.

I was raised as a patriotic American, revering our military and respecting law enforcement. I have always voted conservative. I voted for Trump both times. I never watched him at all as a TV personality, but when he started to run for president, I was instantly captured – our nation needs to be run like a business, not a charity. He stood up and spoke up for all the values I hold dear, as a proud American.

I believe there are only two genders, that marriage is between one man and one woman, that a family starts with a father and a mother. I believe in small government, free speech, owning firearms. I believe that parents make all the decisions for their children’s’ welfare and education, not the government.

I am not a politician. I have been a family nurse practitioner for almost 25 years, and I absolutely love it. I received my Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Austin at Texas, right here at home – hook em! I decided to run for office by what seems like divine inspiration – at the 11th hour I found out no one had signed up to run against the Democrats for the County Clerk – we were just going to hand it to them! Doors kept opening and I signed up to run. We can’t win if there isn’t even a Republican on the ballot.

I am running for Travis County Clerk because we need fair elections. There are lots of allegations, with some convincing data, that our elections have been manipulated for quite some time. This means that our “leaders” are possibly not the ones we voted for.

I believe that Travis County is Red. I think the progressives are loud and aggressive, but they are smaller in number than we, the law and order, American principles loving majority.

Voting machines are the mechanism by which elections are stolen. We must stop using machines and return to paper ballots, with sequential serial numbers, hand counted at the precinct level. Right now the county gets thumb drives from the polls that are then driven by workers downtown to be entered into computers  – presenting endless opportunities for data manipulation.

Election day is a DAY, not weeks or a month. Elections are sacred and important enough that an effort should be made to get out on election day. Having election months also offers opportunities to manipulate vote counts.

When I win, I will change from healing people to healing our county. The Democratic candidate I am running against has spent 20 years doing the opposite with Planned Parenthood.

I also want to reduce government spending. We are all sick and tired of the government living large and irresponsibly while our taxes go through the roof.

Thank you for your vote and your support. The conservative majority is ready to take our community back.

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